Kontroise is a WIP game of mine.
It is currently in development but you can play an early build.

Chrome is highly recommended due to use of the Text to Speech API, and currently far better webgl performance than Firefox. Final version will have real voice acting and will be desktop releases.

Be sure to check out the controls section below. Only two control schemes are supported currently

Final release will run on desktop on Mac, Windows and Linux and won't require that API.

Space Background in game by Johannes Pihl
Ship Art Concept by DkDevil
Other Art/Audio/Sound by Arthur Ward Jr

Play Now


Feel free to use any combination of the following:

Move: WASD
Fire: Left Click
Space Drift: Right click
Rose Particle Disperser: Space

Move: Left Thumbstick
Accelerate: Right Trigger
Decelerate: X or B Fire: A
Space Drift: Left Trigger
Rose Particle Disperser: Y




You can reach me on twitter or via email